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ERKIR NAIRI Incoming Tour Operator was founded in 2001 in Yerevan, in the capital of the Republic of ARMENIA, to become a leading provider of a broad range of local travel services. Our extensive product line includes transfers, accommodations, event management and support, and a wide variety of leisure itineraries covering the best of ARMENIA and NAGORNO KARABAKH. ERKIR NAIRI’s multilingual staff is trained to the highest standards of customer service and commitment to Client’s needs and wishes. We know our country and we make things happen with unsurpassed dedication. Whether you are an individual exploring your roots or a travel agent expanding the portfolio of exciting destinations, we are a phone call or a message away!

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“There is no other land in the world so full
of wonders as the land of Armenians.”
George Gordon Byron



Tours to Armenia


 ERKIR NAIRI Travel Company, a team of dedicated travel professionals, offers Tours to Armenia designed to explore the historic and cultural sights of the first Christian nation and also to enjoy the unforgettable beauty of our country with the magnificent view of Biblical Mt. Ararat, blue lakes, and lush forests. Tours to Armenia are the following - cultural, pilgrimage, adventure, hiking, trekking, archaeological and wine tours.
 Though Tours to Armenia are very fascinating as a whole, it is the Cultural Tours to Armenia that enjoy great popularity as they are mostly affordable. To take part in these tours you don’t need a particular training, equipment and other paraphernalia. It’s enough to have only a wish to learn more about Armenia, all the rest will be handled by the professional staff of ERKIR NAIRI. Our qualified guides will pass excursions in modern and comfortable buses with experienced drivers. 
Yet a lot of people choose Adventures in Armenia. For these people, who like to try their potential in hiking and trekking, ERKIR NAIRI Tour Operator offers itineraries to any taste: from the easiest to the hardest; from leisurely walking along a nice forest path to climbing steep rocks and descending into dizzy gorges.
Some other people will like to have either a slow journey in a canoe, or a horse riding, or a cycling tour on irregular terrain.
ERKIR NAIRI offers Archaeological tours to lovers of the antique hidden from human eyes during some millennia. They will be given an opportunity to work on a real archaeological expedition and, if they are lucky, to find a spear of a primitive man or a shield of a king of an old Armenian dynasty.
As Armenia is at the foot of Biblical Mount Ararat, on which Noah’s Ark came to rest after World Flood, it is a true discovery for the participants of Pilgrimage Tours to Armenia, for those who aspire to come into contact with Christian shrines. As it’s known, Armenia became the first country in the world that adopted Christianity as a state religion in 301. One of the oldest Christian churches – St. Echmiadzin, built in 303 – is in our country Spelunkers can find some appealing items for them in Tours to Armenia. They will have great opportunities to study the expressive caves in Armenia. Especially for spelunkers ERKIR NAIRI has worked out tours to exceptional karstic caves not far from Yeghegnadzor. If the Bears Cave was known long ago, the Mozrov cave was discovered in 1980 while constructing a road to Mozrov village. 

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